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 To Our Beloved Clients: 

We want to thank you for your loyalty. We'd like to let you

know about all the things we are working on to stem the

tide of the virus and to make coming into the salon a safer

experience for you and our staff.

What we are doing to comply with social distancing:

  • Please fill out the screening form (link is above) within 24 hours of your appointment.

  • All staff members will be temperature tested at the beginning of each shift, they will all be wearing masks (and face shields if available)

  • Gordon Salon's Commitment to reducing waste will not slow during COVID-19 and extra measures have been taken to make sure we are not adding more to our environmental footprint at this time while maintaining above standard sanitization.

  • We are only allowing five guests for every 1000 square feet. That means only 3 to 4 stylists and a small support team will be in the salon at any time and between 9-14 people total.

  • We are asking that no additional people come in with you such as a child or a caregiver
    (unless necessary for physical needs)

  • We won't be accepting cash payments in the salon, please bring a card for checkout.

  • We have cleaned and sterilized our entire air conditioning system in each of our salons and replaced our filter system with industrial grade HEPA air filters that intake from outdoors.

  • Every station will be cleaned and disinfected before the next service, so we request you please come on time as we cannot facilitate late guests during this time.

  • We have curbside pickup available as a service as well as Aveda with free shipping to your door.

How your appointment will change:

  1. All guests will be required to wear & bring their own face mask in
    order to enter the building.

  2. We will ask you to Text the salon to let us know when you have arrived,
    then we will check you in. 

  3. We are asking that you come on time for appointments, due to cleaning
    we cannot
    accommodate late guests.

  4. We will request you come to the door wearing your own face mask.

  5. We will have someone to open the door for you, take your forehead temperature touchlessly & hand you a sanitized wipe.

  6. Please fill out the salon CV-19 waiver if you have not already, and wipe your hands. If you don't have internet access, please bring a pen and we will bring the sheet to you.

  7. We will not have extra masks to give to clients, we may have specific masks for color services. You must arrive with your own mask. Please bring your own to comply with Illinois State Law. 
    You must have a mask on to enter the salon.

  8. We have face shields for our stylists, you can request your stylist wear it at any point during your service.

  9. We will not be offering hand & scalp massages or makeup applications for the time being, our magazines have been removed, and our beverage bars have been closed.


Full Detail:

To comply with social distancing requirements, we are only

allowing one person for every 120 square feet. That means only

3 to 4 stylists and a small support team will be in the salon at any time.

Therefore the time the salons will be open will be slightly longer

in order to accommodate two complete shifts and all the demand

we will be experiencing. Your stylist will likely have an altered schedule,

so please stay tuned and check your email for those updates in the next

few weeks, Or sign up for our email if you haven't done so at the bottom of the page. 

We are in the process of acquiring masks, face shields, touchless thermometers, sanitation wipes, additional gloves, cleaning/sanitizing supplies, Retail desk dividers, distance stickers on the floors and more. 


It will be a different experience in how the salon operates moving forward, starting with a text system for checking in.

We will ask you to text the salon to let us know when you have arrived, at this point we will check you in and ask for you to stay in your vehicle until we text you saying your seat is now available. This will allow time for the previous client to vacate the salon and give your stylist a moment to sanitize the station.

We are asking that you come on time for appointments as we will be allowing cleaning time between appointments but we can’t afford the time to be waiting as we will be working diligently to keep appointments moving forward in a safe manner, to accommodate everyone's needs.

We are asking that no additional people come in with you such as a child or a caregiver (unless absolutely needed for physical needs) as we are limited on the amount of people that can be within our spaces and our waiting areas will be reserved for color processing clients. Multiple family appointments will be handled as above to help keep possible exposure to everyone at a minimum. If a parent or caregiver must accompany the client, please let us know in advance so we can set up an area for them to wait. 

All staff members will be temperature tested at the beginning of each shift, they will all be wearing masks  adhering to and following new sanitation guidelines we have implemented such as wearing gloves and using sanitation wipes.


They will assist you in the retail area by pulling all the products you need and placing them at the desk for checkout and bagging to reduce the exposure of touching items and spreading. We began curbside pickup prior to this event, so we are still going to be offering that service for all retail items.     

There will be posters throughout the salons to help guide you through these changes. We are going to try and focus on being able to service as many of you as possible to help get your mind-body wellness back on track. We will give out more information on that soon. It is a new world out there and we want you to know that we can't wait to get back into the salons and start to do what we love.


We appreciate your patience with us as we start to navigate this new journey together. We do ask that if you have been sick or have been around someone that has been sick to not come into the salons for the 14 day period after exposure, or for 14 days of being fever free.


We are here for you if you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to call, text, or email. We have remote team members available & curbside pickup available by phone Monday - Saturday 10 AM to 4 PM.

 Thank you for your kindness and support during this difficult time.

All the best,

Pam & Tony Gordon and all your friends at the Gordon Salons



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