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A "New Normal" at Gordon Salon

As with the rest of the state of Illinois, our stylists at Gordon Salon were eager to get back to work. For many of them, the human interaction of providing a service to their client is similar to spending time with a good friend. Prior to quarantine, each of our talented stylists were able to service 6-8 clients per day depending on the type of appointment. We are sincerely thrilled to be finally opening back up, however “going back to normal” in the salon may still take quite some time. Limiting the number of stylists on the floor and guests in the salon is just one of the steps that salons are taking to create a safe environment.

Illinois has implemented necessary measures in order to ensure the safety of all clients and staff in hair salons across the state. These precautions include that every single salon team member and guest will have to have their temperature read prior to entering the salon. This will be done with a no-touch thermometer. Additionally, salon services can only be performed on guests who are wearing masks. The employees will be wearing masks as well. We will also provide face shields for services where the stylist has to face the guest, like bang trims and shampoos. Due to the limited number of people allowed in the salon at a time, guests will be given new instructions for checking in and entering the building. Hand sanitizer will be provided and required to be used by both the guest and the stylist prior to beginning the service. As always, the capes, robes and towels are never reused between clients without being thoroughly sanitized.

Because we were closed for over two months, we understand that there is now an extremely high demand for cuts and colors. We unfortunately will not be able to provide blow dry services until further notice. This decision has been made by many salons across the country for several reasons. In addition to making time and space for all our clients, it is necessary that we do not use blow dryers in order to prevent the spread of germs. For at least the first six weeks, add on services such as olaplex and conditioning treatments will be limited. We have taken these precautions as a way of reducing physical points of contact as much as possible. Our mission is to create a safe environment while meeting the immediate needs of our clients and staff.

While these new regulations may feel like a culture shock to those who have been visiting us for several years, Gordon Salon is taking these measures seriously because protecting the health and safety of our community is our number one priority. We want to be sure that our guests and employees can feel safe when returning to the salon. By working together to limit the spread of this virus, we are confident that we can get through these difficult times together. We are looking forward to opening and seeing the familiar faces of our coworkers, and clients that we know and love. For more specific information regarding Gordon Salon’s response to opening amidst Covid-19, please click here or call 847.266.7777.

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