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Alternative Services at Gordon Salon

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Gordon Salon has numerous services that aren’t performed as regularly as cutting and color. VoMor Extensions (tape-in and wefts), Organic Texture Treatment, S4Tec, and Permanent waves are additional services that we offer, which we call alternative services. You are in luck; They are 10% off from now until March 31st, 2022!

VoMors are the extension brand (combining the words Volume and More) that Aveda chooses to partner with. I suggest that you read my previous blog post here to find out more information on the VoMor wefts and the company itself. These hand-tied gorgeous wefts elevated me from boring hair to “WOW” hair! These wefts are amongst the most popular alternative services at Gordon Salon.

Second on our list are the OTT or the Organic Texture Treatments by the brand Tela. (These are my personal favorites to get done)! Tela Professional Smoothing Treatments are infused with Hydro Pelusi Ceramide Complex for smooth, luxurious hair texture, gleaming shine plus anti color fade protection, and includes Tela’s proprietary blend of 35 USDA Certified Organic ingredients.

The more you use the treatments the better results you will see. There are three different treatments that Tela makes which are ‘Make It Bigger!’ (Hair thickening treatment), ‘Tela Blow Out’ (Phyto Keratin Smoothing Treatment), and ‘Tela Girls Who Love Curls’ (Anti Frizz Curl Enhancing Treatment). I could sit here and go on and on about how much I enjoy the OTT that Gordon Salon offers, but then this post would take me 100 years to write. All you need to know is that, I highly recommend this treatment catering to your hair type!

Now moving on to S4Tec, our equivalent to a keratin treatment but without Aldehyde or Formaldehyde in the process. S4 smoothing products work on all hair types, making your hair smoother, softer, straighter and more manageable. With S4 you can get BETTER results than other keratin treatments in HALF the chair time. No fumes. No dangerous chemicals. No special ventilation. Unlike traditional salon keratin treatments, you can go from straight to curly and back anytime. S4 does not coat the hair like traditional formaldehyde-based keratin treatments or make the hair pin-straight like Japanese straighteners. Your hair can be colored and highlighted immediately after your S4 smoothing treatment. You have unlimited options between treatments. This is so refreshing in the hair industry which lacks products with such versatility.

And our final alternative services, perms, perms, perms! Yes, perms are back, but honestly did they ever go anywhere? The 90’s and early 2000’s almost wiped them out with the flat irons and when Jennifer Aniston’s “Friends” hairstyle was all the rage. However the perms of modern day are here to stay. Never fear, Your grandmother's perm rods and harsh chemicals are not what the modern perms of today boast. Perms are a lot safer and the styles are a lot less 80’s voluminous. Stylists are much more creative and able to deliver beautifully diverse, curly and wavy hairstyles with perms, which are incredibly stunning and eye-catching!

For more information about each service and to be paired for a consultation with a stylist, I highly recommend calling our amazing desk support team at 847-266-7777.Please remember the 10% off these four services is only good until March 31st, 2022! The year of gorgeous hair is here! Let’s get you rocking that new hairdo, just the way you like it with a little help from the hair experts at Gordon Salon.



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