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As We Strive Towards Environmental Stewardship - Aveda x Gordon Salon's Environmental Commitments

Gordon Salon has been an Aveda lifestyle salon for 23 years. Throughout our entire development (and Aveda's) we have been committed to reducing our ecological impact on our environment and regularly apply direct action act to reduce our carbon footprint locally. The beauty industry is ever evolving and constantly shifting. New product lines come out, new ideas spring up, and there is new technology that makes it’s way to the forefront of consumers' minds as well as people in the hair industry. Through the years, Gordon Salon has been committed to Aveda, not only for their amazing vegan products, but for their environmentalism and humanitarianism. I want to talk about and highlight what Gordon + Aveda do to give back to their communities and environment.

“At Gordon Salon we are an Aveda lifestyle salon. What that means is we use everything Aveda here. If it’s not the Aveda brand, we have done our research into brands that are 100% ethical and natural like our S4TEC Keratin treatment and VoMor extensions.”

Who and what is Aveda?

  • Aveda is a company that does not test on animals and is fully vegan that makes not only hair care products but makeup, skincare, body care items, stress relief items, brushes and combs, candles, and other items that are plant-based and vegan. Aveda started from an Austrian-American man named Horst Rechelbacher and he broke onto the hair and beauty scene when he was 17 years old. He was a fabulous hairdresser who wanted to create a brand like nobody had ever seen before - one that was science based in plants and not with toxic chemicals and synthetics. He is the ‘father of safe cosmetics’. (

  • Aveda’s/ Gordon Salon’s mission statement: Our Mission At AVEDA Is To Care For The World We Live In, From The Products We Make To The Ways In Which We Give Back To Society. At AVEDA, We Strive To Set An Example For Environmental Leadership And Responsibility, Not Just In The World Of Beauty, But Around The World.”