Celebrating Women's History Month

March has always been a favorite month. I admit I am a little biased because the big “zero three” houses my birthday, Pi Day, the end of winter, and of course: Women’s History Month & International Women’s Day. Again, I am biased on this subject. I am a woman. I have been working in a mostly female-based industry since 2012. Women have inspired me to be strong, voice my opinion, speak my truth, trust my instincts, and do it with compassion in my soul.

Aveda is a brand with tons of stellar people behind the beauty giant. I am fortunate enough to be educated in the ways of sustainable beauty, hair, & lifestyle products for my guests. They have the best of the best, working hard and staying fresh and progressive, teaching and helping others grow around them is a round-the-clock mission for Aveda. To further celebrate Women's History Month, I would like to tell you about some talented women in the industry, Aveda, and Gordon Salon that I admire.

Tippi Shorter is the Global Artistic Director specializing in textured hair for Aveda. She is inspiring and passionate about what she does. She lights a fire in my heart that makes me want to style for the goddesses of the world like she does every day. Shorter has graced the stage at New York Fashion Week, Congress (An Aveda international conference held once a year), and the Mid-America Show showing off her skills and teaching us some tips and tricks to improve our craft as hairdressers.

Tippi is instrumental in the development of curriculum and training for textured and curly hair. Her work has graced beauty icons and the covers and editorial pages of notable fashion magazines.” (Aveda Detail Page, Tippi Short.)

Janell Geason wins my heart by being the Global Artistic Director for makeup as that was my first love in the beauty world. Geason has worked her magic most notably at New York Fashion Week, the spring/summer collection: Rare Bloom from Aveda, as well as the autumn/winter collection: Sublime Spirit; also from Aveda.

Janell is closely involved in product development of seasonal makeup collections for Aveda and teaches advanced and trend makeup techniques globally. She was named Makeup Artist of the Year in 2008 and 2009 at the North American Hairstyling Awards.” (Artist Detail Page, Janell Geason.)

Antoinette Beenders is the Aveda Senior Vice President–Professional Global Artistry for Aveda. Here is what her artist page says about her. Beenders has worked on New York Fashion Week and the autumn/winter collection: Sublime Spirit from Aveda.

Antoinette Beenders began working with Aveda in 1997 as a Global Guest Artist and Creative Director for The Urban Retreat-Harvey Nichols' Aveda Concept Salon in London. In 1999, Antoinette’s role evolved to Aveda International Creative Director, where she represented the company in Australia, Denmark, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Taiwan, the UK, and the U.S. Antoinette works closely with the world's top photographers, models, and creative talent to develop dynamic beauty concepts and striking images that combine high-fashion sensibility with environmental consciousness. Whether on a Vogue Italia editorial shoot, backstage at New York Fashion Week, partnering with Stella McCartney, developing new styling products, or creating a continuing education curriculum to inspire stylists and students throughout Aveda’s global network, Antoinette holds true to her vision, perfectionism, and talent of telling a story with every image.” (Artist Detail Page, Antoinette Beenders.)

The Artistic Global Team is not the only way Aveda makes waves. There is one little movement around what Aveda does for the people - mainly women - it helps with the brand’s successful road to being completely and sustainably vegan. Aveda has always been conscious of the planet and for the people producing and growing wonderful ingredients for their products. The Umbari villages in India where they grow one of the main ingredients for the Invati Advanced Solutions for Thinning Hairline experience problems with their drinking water. The women of the village were traveling up to six hours a day to find suitable drinking water. Even then after arriving at their destination, the water would be undrinkable and unfit for consumption.

Aveda joined forces with our global Earth Month partner Global Greengrants Fund and AWARD (Action for Women and Rural Development) to improve the community’s local water system. Now the 800 Umbari villagers have easy access to clean water year-round — and the women of the villages have more time to spend with their families, earn income and receive and provide education.” (Aveda International Women’s Day, 2018)

Today, thanks to this project, more than 200 female farmers and four schools have built “kitchen gardens” which utilize the clean waste water from their kitchens to nourish the community and of course, eat! Says Melissa Chelminiak, Director of Mission, Partner, and Stakeholder Engagement at Aveda, “The kitchen garden project in Umbari is an excellent example of how empowering women and their fam