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Evolve with Theo : A Word from the Creative Director on #EVOLVE2020


#EVOLVE2020 Fall Photo Campaign by Gordon Salon

Photographer : @christophermarrs

Creative Director : @thecreato (LSE Manager)

Marketing Team : @labellebranding @michaelryangordon

Hair Lead : Kyle (Professional Stylist at LSE)

Makeup Lead : Alli Nicole (Master Stylist/MUA at LSE)


I really love being black. I love my skin, hair and culture. Although my family lineage is not fully accessible I still have a rich culture that I was raised with, and a significant representation of identity that has always been present in my life. However, seeing that reflected into the world has been a weary experience. For far too long, people of color have been overlooked and not represented in a way that would make them feel beautiful/whole. Although things have gotten better little-by-little, many people of color have been continuously affected at large in a negative way as a result. That is why Gordon Salon is taking every opportunity we have to advertise our business as an opportunity to mirror the diverse clientele we have. We believe that being represented gives one assurance, motivation and inspiration. Not doing so can limit our world by quieting the voices of the very people in it.

In the spirit of all of that, our past campaign for our Fall/Winter season focused on identity and evolving as people through that perspective. This was so important because of all the current unrest in our country’s racial, political and public health climate. It truly unveiled some of the opportunities we had to represent all/as many of the people we have as part of our Gordon Salon family, clients and staff alike. Taking action on refocusing our branding was something that we could control and do to communicate our views. It was also a love letter to the world saying “WE SEE YOU”. We have always seen all people, and showing them representation matters to us more now than ever.

We were able to beautifully showcase the widest range of people we’ve had in our campaigns to-date, and commit to always doing so. The photoshoot was pulsing with energy and the diversity of skin tones and hair textures of each model felt truly exciting to have on-site. Without surprise, our hair team was able to amplify the natural beauty of each individual model and evolve their natural looks with creative precision. Our intention to produce a campaign that looks like the country we live in was fulfilled. A melting pot of shapes, sizes, backgrounds, colors and energy. We look to the future with hope and a willingness to work for and evolve through all changes.

Together with Aveda, we have been working the past few years to expand our education program for textured hair and continue advertising how great our products and services are for any and everyone. This past experience with our Evolve campaign continues to inspire us to do all that we can for the world and all the people in it.

-Theo, Photoshoot Director and Lakeshore East Manager at Gordon Salon

See The Entire Gordon Salon #EVOLVE Campaign on our Instagram, @gordonsalon or Click Here

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