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Gordon Salon Celebrates Blonde

With spring here and the sun staying a little longer in the evening sky, we embrace blonde in its many variations. Blonde hair comes in many shades, such as warm strawberry, cool & icy, and the naturally chic “dishwater” or “bottle blonde” color. As Aveda launches its newest batch of products, Blonde Revival Shampoo and Conditioner, we celebrate the way blonding has changed over the years.

Unlike the days of old, many blonde colors and tones are now possible that weren't on the market just a few short years ago. At Gordon Salon, we have an array of professional products like Olaplex and the Botanical Repair Treatments in your color that can help ward off the damage caused by the high lift process of blonding your hair. This has helped us make blonding hair multi-cultural, giving people with naturally very rich, dark shades new heights. Further, this has allowed an explosion of radical colors being used in the salons that were never possible before without severe damage such as vibrant silver or bright fashion colors.

There are so many ways that hair can be blonded these days. The hottest trends and techniques as of late have been balayage, foliage and baby lights - popularized by both celebrities and social media. Natural highlights though, traditionally on the scalp, have recently started making a comeback. Full heads of finely weaved pieces placed tightly together in foils gives the illusion of beautiful, natural ribbons. Other fun and interesting trends have been the chunky “2000’s” highlights, fun little peek-a-boos under a veil of hair to shake things up a bit, and even bold bangs being highlighted to show off your face - or rather as much face as we can see with masks on.

With different techniques posted and social media trends popping up left and right, it’s easy to get lost in what is best for you and what you are wanting in the moment. However, stylists at each Gordon Salon location have taken getting educated and staying up to date with all the fun and interesting trends seriously. We are well prepared - when you come in the door, you are receiving as much of the desired results we can achieve within your first session with us as you can! Consultations are highly recommended before booking your appointment as both the stylist and guest are on the same page with budget, look, products, and any other questions answered so you know whether you are ready to become a blonde bombshell or just have a few natural highlights to break up your existing color.

At home care is important for all guests leaving the salon, but, most stylists would agree, blondes home care is vital. Blonde hair can be disrupted by a multitude of things: heat styling, brushing, environmental factors, but, I’d say water is the biggest culprit. Aqua is interesting. Water not only affects the pH of your strands but depending upon where you live, well water can change the color entirely. The right products play an essential role in maintaining the integrity and color of your hair.

Luckily, Aveda has several products, mentioned above. If you are looking to keep up a cooler tone, try either Blue Malva or Blonde Revival Shampoos and Conditioners. Or if you desire more of a golden shine in your strands, Chamomile Shampoo and Conditioner will take care of you instantly. Hair feeling a little dry? Maybe it’s time for some NutriPlenish or Botanical Repair. Before you make a decision how to best maintain your hair at home, it is recommended to first speak to your stylist for their best recommendation as we have several options that might be the right fit for your needs when it comes to blonde care at home.

Blonde hair has never looked and felt healthier, for clients and stylists alike. With these new treatments and products added onto your service, you will leave with your locks feeling stronger and shinier than it did before! Let’s celebrate blondes and we will see you at Gordon Salon!

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