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It's Earth Day!

Weather in Chicago is usually brightened by the arrival of April. This month also houses Earth Day on the 22nd! As a vegetarian, an animal lover, and walker of this Earth, I think the once-a-year event should be jubilated to the fullest. And, hey, any excuse for a celebration in these difficult time is welcome. Both Gordon Salon and Aveda are dedicated to being sustainable and eco-conscious. Earth Day, when you think about it, can really be every day. Let me walk you through what Aveda is doing for the planet by being a sustainable and environmentally friendly company. In addition, let me tell you about the ways Gordon Salon is implementing Earth-conscience practices!

“At Aveda, Earth Month is not a trend—it’s a celebration of our guiding principles and mission. It’s also a time when we encourage our community to join our sustainability efforts to better the planet.” (Earth Month Article 2021)

Aveda’s mission is simple: to care for the Earth which include those who live in it. Earth Day and the month of April are merely a time of reflection for the planet-driven company. The planet is their muse and inspiration to keep striving for positive, impactful change down to the growers of their ingredients and the clients who swear by our products. Aveda is the pioneer of sustainable beauty and continues to uphold its values and beliefs by going completely vegan in the summer of 2019. They are science-focused rather than sale-focused, ensuring that they are using the best ingredients that are sustainably grown all over the world. The company also uses wind and sun power in their factories as well as recycled plastic in almost all of their packaging, something not a lot of companies in our industry can say.

Since 2006, Aveda and Charity: Water has positively impacted 11 million people by bringing them easier access to clean water. A lot of women and children in developing nations across the globe are waling 3.7 miles a day for water. “This Earth Month, our ethos is clean water: clear mission, and our goal is to bring clean water to communities in need around the world. As global citizens, our neighbors span the globe and it’s our responsibility to help them. Included in this community are the 785 million people who live without clean water. We partnered with Charity: Water to help provide clean, safe drinking water to those who go without, and made it easy for you to help too.” (Earth Month Article 2021) Aveda created the Earth Month RunWalk with MoveSpring by walking 3.7 miles daily or weekly to raise funds for clean drinking and bathing water for the people in need of it the most. “$22.50 from the $25 entry fee is donated to charity: water. Get started here.” This event runs - no pun intended - from 4/01/2021 until 4/30/2021. There are also some Earth Month exclusive products to get your hands on. One is the NEW limited edition Shampure Nurturing Shampoo Bar which is crafted with Abyssinian oil. The oil is weightless and long-lasting as well as it’s 94% naturally derived. The packaging for the bar is “100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) carton. Plus, $5 from the purchase† of every shampoo bar will be donated to charity: water.”(Earth Month Article 2021) The other products for sale and impacting the world globally are the Nutriplenish, Invati Advanced, and Botanical Repair Discovery Kits. The kits come with a shampoo, conditioner, and either a masque or a leave-in spray, dependent on your hair type & need. $5 from every Discovery Kit helps change the lives of many around the world with safe, clean water.

“There are other ways you can positively affect those without water and give back to the planet. You can donate directly to charity: water here. Conversation and education are powerful tools, too. Simply spreading awareness of the water inequality in the world can spur action from your friends and family. Additionally, seek out other sustainable brands offering eco-friendly products that aim to reduce their carbon footprint.” (Earth Month Article 2021)

In the pursuit of carbon positivity, Gordon Salon has multiple eco-initiatives in the works. In 2020 we have planted 150 trees with the staff of the salon! That’s a branch in the right direction if I do say so myself. The salon also has raised well over $100,000 for Alliance of the Great Lakes. The money raised to support them positively impacts the environment. “The funds raised put volunteers on beaches to keep them clean, support advocacy efforts that protect our water, and raise awareness about the importance of the Great Lakes.” (Aveda Earth Month 2018 for the Great Lakes) If you'd like to donate, you can do so here. Speaking of lakes, we also do beach clean-up days! Hurray for no trash and cigarette butts on the beach! We do a lot more - especially internally - like reducing all of our paper waste, introducing plants into each space, recycling at all locations, seed paper replacements, and as well as carbon offsetting. Read more (and/or peek at some photos) about our efforts to improve our environmental impact here!

We also have held a Trashion Show (trash + fashion = trashion) in the past, before the pandemic. The latest and greatest one we’ve had was in 2018, with 120 people in attendance at the very swanky BMW Dealership, WE HIT THE CATWALK HARD! Our team members created clothing from magazines and newspapers to old plastic material, cardboard, and interesting pieces, of well, trash. Gordon Salon raised over $18,000 for the Alliance of the Great Lakes that year. The lake shore is an important part of my life, as well as everyone living around one of the wonderful lakes in the Midwest so I’m happy to be a part of a company that relishes in the cleanliness of the environment.

The earth is a wondrous place filled with so much beauty and life. We can’t let the convenience of tossing trash out car windows taint the beauty we can work to preserve. Let’s work to keep our oceans and waterways clean, our shorelines healthy, our skies free from pollution, and our personal environmental impact to a bare minimum. In short, Gordon Salon, Aveda, and I sincerely wish you a happy Earth Month, and here’s to many more to come!

Peace and love,


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