Meet our newest Professional Stylist from Gordon in Highland Park, Kasey! She’s from a big, crazy, and loving family. Outside of the salon, Kasey loves spending her time either watching movies, going to the gym, or hanging out with her gorgeous kitten. Kasey began working for Gordon Salon last year, in 2018. Towards the end of beauty school, she spent a great deal of time searching for a salon that aligned with her goals. As one of the only team based salons in the area, Kasey was attracted to the fact that she would have a team of experienced professionals and fellow emerging artists to support her through her first year as a hairdresser. She writes, “In my interviews, the team was very professional yet sweet. The education program was far more than what any other program offered, and the option to choose between four locations was a perk.” She began as an assistant, taking classes and easing her way onto the floor. Kasey completed the Gordon Emerging Artist program and was promoted to a Professional Stylist in April of 2019.

Kasey knew as a teenager that she wanted to pursue Cosmetology. “My uncle owned a salon for most his life so I grew up around the salon atmosphere. He always inspired me with how much he loved his job.” Being a hairstylist involves a huge amount of interaction with different types of people on a day to day basis. The opportunity to get to know people from all walks of life is one of the things that Kasey noticed about her uncle’s career, and ultimately attracted her to industry.

Kasey loves the industry for all that it has to offer. "I have always loved every aspect of hair: cutting, coloring, styling and everything in between.” Specifically, she enjoys coloring blondes and dimensional colors. With cutting, Kasey loves anything modern, especially short haired cuts. As her career has expanded she has gained more knowledge into each part of the industry. She has also peaked a special interest in working with textured hair, because it offers a challenge in cutting, coloring, and styling that excites Kasey.  

Much like most passionate hairstylists, Kasey’s career goals are broad. There are so many different routes and opportunists that a hairdresser can take in their career. For Kasey, diving deeper into her education is something that she always wants to continue. Even after graduating the advanced training program at Gordon, she never wants to stop taking classes and staying up to date on current trends and techniques. Aside from constantly learning, she is also keen to the idea of working on hair for TV/Film sets. Kasey wrote, “the photo shoots on set would be a great opportunity to showcase and document my work. Plus, being able to work with celebrities sure would broaden my career!” Inspired by her uncle, Kasey also hopes to become an educator, traveling from salon to salon to teach other stylists her chosen expertise. Her uncle’s ability to inspire and educate young stylists early on in their career is something that she would also like to do. This industry has so many different routes, Kasey is excited to explore as many possibilities as she can.

You can find Kasey working her magic at our Highland Park Salon, Tuesdays through Saturdays. Call 847.266.7777 to request an appointment!