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At Gordon Salons, a “Master Stylist” is someone who exemplifies what it truly takes to be a great hairdresser. Many things are taken into consideration before promoting someone to this level of prestige, such as years of experience, productiveness on the floor, client retention and more. This past summer, Molly from Wilmette earned her title as Master Stylist after 5 years of being with Gordon Salon. Molly is an extremely talented stylists with natural talent and passion for her work. Her “Master” title has been well earned throughout the years. Molly loves her job because she continues to learn new techniques, while making clients feel good about themselves and to connect with them on a personal level. 

Molly knew that she wanted to have a career in the beauty industry ever since middle school. She recalls getting a manicure for Christmas in the eighth grade and being amazed by the tiny flower that the nail tech had drawn on her thumb. As a creative person, she was intrigued by all parts of the cosmetology world, but was especially interested in the world of hair. She loved having her sister, Linzy, cut and style her hair as a kid and as she got older, she began to cut and color her friend’s hair in high school. Despite not having been to beauty school yet, she says that doing hair “was always fun and just came naturally” to her. After high school, Molly enrolled herself in a cosmetology program through The Salon Professional Academy in Kenosha, Wisconsin. She graduated with her beauty license in 2012. 

One of the reasons that drew Molly into the industry, in addition to being skilled at it, was that doing hair is a universal skill. No matter where you live, hairdressers are going to be needed and there will always a ton of opportunities within the industry. In fact, M