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As Gordon Salon celebrates 20 years of business this July, we are thrilled to highlight Pam Gordon herself as our spotlight stylist for this month! Pam and Tony have been co-owners of Gordon Salons for 20 years, but have been husband and wife for even longer. 

After Tony joined his dad, Jerry Gordon, in the beauty buisness, Pam knew that she was also interested in the beauty industry, and the pair knew they wanted to work together. Pam started beauty school in 1994, when she was pregnant with Michael, her second child. Pam and Tony shared a vision to make careers for people in the beauty world. It is very common for hairdressers to be at salons for only a year or two, but Pam and Tony wanted to change that. Their dream became a reality in 1999, when they opened their first Gordon Salon location together.

Anyone who has started their own company knows how difficult the process can be. At the same time that they were starting their business, Pam and Tony were balancing the responsibility of having young children. “It was important for us to learn from each other. We knew we had to dig deep within ourselves and continue to build a solid relationship foundation to make it work”, she adds. The solid f