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Summer Trends Are Here

As summer starts to take off in the Chicagoland area, temperatures rising, and viral hair on apps becoming mainstream, I’ve compiled a little list of some really cool trends that we are starting to see, asked for all across the Gordon Salon locations. More than a few people have asked for these colors, cuts, and professional opinions while sitting in my chair recently. Some of these are definitely more bold & adventurous in terms of trends, but for the most part these viral, sensational trends you see on TikTok and Instagram are just so drool worthy and look gorgeous on almost everyone. I feel most stylists can agree hair has been a big focus this summer - not just for hairstylists, but for clients of every age. Without further ado, let’s dive into the first on my list!

  • Starting in the front of the head, it should be no surprise the numero uno spot on this list is: CURTAIN BANGS! Almost everyone in my chair with a middle part is ready to hop on the curtain bang train. This is probably the most requested haircut I am asked to create. Some of you may be asking: what are curtain bangs? This cut starts in the middle of the head usually, with a beautiful fridge that hits somewhere on your face and sweeps away from you, while simultaneously cascading in such a way that frames your face. Think Farrah Fawcett, except less extreme and more modern.

  • The next is a color trend, also starting at the front of the head, or as many people refer to it as, the “MONEY PIECE”! The very bold piece of hair in the bang area can be seen in a variety of styles and hues. From vivid and colorful, to more punk creations, to the beautiful, brighter blonde by your face, the Money Piece is so versatile!

  • Here is another color trend, but I think it is every summer: BLONDE. Whether it’s just a few highlights for some dimension or it’s a full-blown transformation or whether you are going more cool and icy or if you want to be a little golden, Gordon Salon is ready to blonde you right up!

  • It’s time to face the facts: BOBS will never go out of style. There are a few different types of “bobs”. Vertical, horizontal, and everyone’s favorite, the diagonal. A well-cut bob is hard to come by. Luckily, the stylists at Gordon are at your service to provide you with a precise and thorough cut.

  • Another color trend I’ve been seeing on and off the runway is anything BRIGHT & FUN for summer! This is the time of year to be a little different, let your personality shine with either pops of color or full on transformations. Here, I just want to showcase the brilliant artistry and creations my fellow stylists come up with - and blow me away with!

  • CURLS, CURLS, CURLS! Curly people! Where are you at?! Even though I’ve filed a restraining order against the humidity in Chicago, it comes back every year without fail. I am right in between wavy and curly so I know some of the struggle the “poofing” up can create for us during this season. However, we literally have built-in mermaid hair! How cool is that?! Here are some of my favorites from my fellow Gordon Salon stylists.

  • Going off my last point, I leave you with what I think is the epitome of summer hair: curls! Curls, from LOOSE, BEACH WAVES to TIGHT RINGLETS are always a good time. Whether you have a wedding, graduation party, or a hot date with the Baywatch-looking lifeguard, we are here to set those curls so you won’t be drowning in a sea of hairspray the rest of the night.


And those are my summer trends! I hope you enjoyed looking through - and maybe even found your next look! I had a lot of fun creating this list for you all. On top of looking great, remember to wear sunscreen, stay hydrated, and have a wonderful summer!


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