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VoMor Hand-Tied Wefts

Have you ever wanted longer, fuller, hair, but have been put off by the aspect of glue, keratin tipping, or the fact that you think everyone will notice them? Well, have no fear! VoMor Hand-Tied Wefts are here!

Before we get weft deep, let’s talk about VoMor and why Aveda partners with them. First off, what does VoMor stand for? Volume & More - of course! VoMor is hand-tied with Aveda and all the ethically sourced, plant-based science they stand for. I learned a few things while researching extension brands and why VoMor stands a cut above the rest. (Okay, I’ll stop with the hair puns.)

A lot of extension companies get their hair from children or disadvantaged people in Asia, South America, and India. All the hair you see from VoMor is sourced ethically from a fair market trade in China. This hair is not only ethically sourced but it is smoother, healthier, and shinier than non-Remy hair. (Remy hair is hair that is cut, but does not fall to the ground.) Even after countless washes and styles, the extensions still retain their sleek “glow”.

The best part is they are able to seamlessly integrate into your hair and can be kept for a year in most situations. VoMor originally started with tape-in “sandwich”-style extensions that can be re-taped up to three times; lasting a whole year being a plus for you and your wallet. With the newer hand-tied extensions, please know that when it does come time for the hand-tied wefts to be moved up, the stylist will have to re-anchor the rows and attach them back in. This happens as your hair naturally grows out and the retying would occur every 6-8 weeks. It is much healthier than the “bead” method which can break the hair - your hair - that the bead is attached to when moved up. VoMor thankfully doesn’t believe in that, choosing no damage, no tight braids, no pinching or pulling! Both styles of extensions offered can be color matched and/or custom colored - a true perk of VoMor’s high-quality hair.

Our Gordon team spent a whole day with the VoMor team at our Evanston location to learn how to tie these extensions to their model’s hair. They were taught three types of anchors to the hair, density & how many boxes you may require, as well as placement and care for the hand-tied wefts. Kasandra Grzanka (@kgrzanka on Instagram) & Jason Synder (@jason6183 on Instagram) taught the class at Gordon Salon in early November. It was a pleasure to meet them both! We hope to see you again soon!

Speaking of my own experiences here: I have been living with Vomor Hand Tied Wefts for about three weeks and I am so satisfied with not only the color, but the quality and length of the hair. I have only had clip-in extensions I could take on and off at my leisure in the past. The downside of that, is just that. I am a wake up and go type of person, so I love the convenience of just having them in my hair and I don’t have to worry about clipping six strands of heavy hair to my head every morning. I mostly wear my hair up on a daily basis and I almost never have the situation of my wefts (where the hair is attached to your head) showing. I have a unique haircut & style myself: I have an undercut. Our stylist, Ursa, had a tricky time with the placement of the extensions, but she rocked it out! Most people have a normal hairline that’s not shaved off; so, there’s more hair in the back to help hide the hand-tied wefts. Ursa, of course, made my transformation seamless and gorgeous. I was so honored to be her model for the class. I feel and look fantastic! Thanks Ursa!

Pictured here is the before, during, and after of my hair. Quite the difference if you ask me!

Now that you are interested in beautiful and full hair - where do you go from here? I suggest scheduling a consultation at either our Wilmette, Evanston, or Glenview location. Gordon’s front desk staff should have all the necessary details for you or can connect you to someone knowledgeable about VoMors. Our line-up of amazing stylists trained in hand-tied VoMor are:

  • Senior Master Stylists Holly, Allison, & Renee (Glenview)

  • Master Stylists Molly & Haley (Wilmette)

  • Professional Stylist Ursa (Evanston) & Josie (Glenview)

  • Emerging Artist Bree (Glenview

If you are ready for thicker, longer, fuller hair, give us a call at 847-266-7777 for an estimate and consultation with one of our talented stylists at Gordon Salon!


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