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What Is Balayage?

Ba-lee-age….Balenciaga….Bah-lay-age…..I’ve heard this word pronounced so many different ways and seen it placed in the hair tons of unique ways as well. From the creation of Instagram, this technique of strategic placements of lightener is still a giant trend on the internet. If you have ever asked yourself, “What is balayage?” I’m here to break it down for you.

First off, what is a Balayage and what does it mean? Balayage is a derivative of the French word “balayer” which means “to sweep”. We can thank the French for croissants, berets, and now balayage. (Merci beaucoup!) The difference between highlights and balayage is that a balayage is usually off the scalp — more through the mid shaft and ends (with the higher pieces by the face) — and highlights start at the scalp (or root but, roots are for trees and not our hair!) traditionally.

Things to consider if you want a hair change/ what to talk about in your consultation with us:

  1. Please consider bringing an inspirational picture of your desired hair! (Try not to get anyone’s face in the picture and consider if the hair color at the base is close to yours.) You will probably be asked to email/ text us a picture of your hair right now as well as desired result so we can book your appointment appropriately.

  2. Maintenance — What does maintenance look like for you? 5-10 minutes everyday? Do you use color safe products like Aveda carries? Are you able to come in for maintenance toners? Consider these things when you are looking at pictures and be realistic with yourself now and your future self!

  3. Cost — Everyone has a beauty budget; we get it!

  4. Hair health — what you have on your hair. And yes, the past five years count! This includes any Kool Aid, henna, box color, or any other professional services you have gotten in the past! We are the hair doctors! We will not judge you! We just need to know what is actually on your hair before we start the process!

  5. Other questions/ concerns that a stylist will be able to answer for you

As the summer months are starting out in full swing, consider making a consultation appointment with any of our talented stylists. Call us at 847-266-7777.

Please be aware our Highland Park location is currently under construction at the moment and our stylists are in Wilmette and/or the Glen locations at this time. We are also experiencing a very high call volume and we encourage you to text us at ((NEED THE TEXT LINE HERE)).

We are also running a special at the moment! If it is your first time getting a balayage or highlight service we have a free Aveda paddle brush for you to go home with! Who doesn’t love free things?

I hope these examples from our stylists are helpful when deciding what placement you want for your own lovely locks!



Gordon Salon’s Blog Writer Extraordinaire,

Lexa xoxo

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