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In our pursuit of carbon positivity, we've introduced the Beauty Bottle Recycling Exchange. Guests are able to bring their used beauty bottles, recycle them in our designated bins, & earn Gordon Salon rewards points. Available at ALL locations.

We are only able to accept recyclable bottles listed with a '1' or '2'.

What We Do

Within 2021 all Gordon Salons will be carbon positive. In 2020 our Salons planted over 180 oak trees in the lake county forest preserves and since our inception have raised over $85,000 in donations & beach cleanups for the Alliance for the Great Lakes, more than any other salon in the Midwest. 

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What Aveda Does

Aveda uses 100% wind & Solar Power for production, sources their ingredients with fair trade practices, employing, partnering & supporting thousands of indigenous people; including doubling the protected tribal lands of the Yawanawan tribe. They also were the first beauty corporation to align with the Valdez principles for corporate environmental responsibility & are the vanguard of the organic/plant based cosmetics industry.

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What You Do

Your purchase supports clean water for all, renewable energy, sustainable ingredients, sustainable harvesting, reducing monocropping, reducing plastic waste and supporting 

indigenous peoples livelihoods & education.

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Why It Matters

We are all better when we work together towards a common goal, a healthier planet and a tangible, reciprocal relationship with our planet. The Gordon Family commits to uphold these values and expand on them to become a leader in ecologically conscious beauty practices.

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