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Education is the Key

I have been fortunate enough in my professional career styling, cutting, and coloring hair that I have always have had exceptional teachers. From the time I was sitting in a makeup studio learning how to present a model to the runway, to the time I was sitting in beauty school working vigorously on pin curls, my educators have been phenomenal. Now, many moons later, I say the same thing as I sit in a class every Monday for the assistant-to-floor education classes Gordon Salon is renowned for.

The assistant-to-floor education program is designed to help a stylist grow and flourish under the wing of Aveda-trained professionals that work at each of the different locations and specialize in a certain area of said training. Every Monday in the Glen location, I am always eager to learn more about Aveda. From not only the various custom colors to the different products that the brand has, but also how to cut, style, and most importantly, give a detailed and thorough consultation. Gordon Salon also frequently incorporates an hour-long portion before technical class starts that is referred to as “Soft Skills”. While we are basking in the afterglow of early morning coffee, we have speakers talk and motivate us students about ways to better our time, get to the heart of their needs, and figure out the best direction to go with our guests. Sometimes figuring out what a guest truly desires is the hardest thing to do while behind the chair, so these classes are wonderful not only for their color and cut knowledge but for their ability to stretch above and beyond what a client is asking for and making their day.

My background with cosmetology is in Paul Mitchell and then furthering it with more Paul Mitchell training in conjunction to jumping across the pond to Wella, a European hair color system. As wonderful and talented as my teachers in beauty school were, only the basics were taught to us. Truly, there is not a better thing