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Embrace and Celebrate Your Beauty with Gordon Salon's Texture

Find the true expression of your hair's feel and shape with Gordon Texture, Smoothing, and conditioning treatments. Texture terminology includes permanent curl, and permanent straight, but also some smoothing. It is about the feel of the hair and the shape it creates. Three areas cross over each other: conditioning treatments, Smoothers, and Perms. In this article, we educate you on the details of this confusing yet exciting alternative service. 

Permanent Waves, Keratin Treatments, and Conditioning Treatments

Texture services can do incredibly beautiful things to your hair, but are confusing for various reasons. This highly important service area has gone through ups and downs during the hair color boom of the last three decades. In some ways, the area has been ignored, except for three significant alterations to what we are calling “Texture”. One was the introduction of Keratin Treatments, a revolution in smoothing originating from Brazil. Second was the introduction of “Bond Builders.” Third was the reinvention of permanent waves and permanent straighteners. In this informative article, I want to help you determine what Texture service might be right for you. 

Keratin Treatments are All About Smoothing

Keratin treatments for many years have had a bad rap, and deservedly so. While most salons jumped in with both feet, Gordon Salon was anti-Keratin. We refused to do the service or carry the products, because of concerns for staff and clients. The products had way too much formaldehyde in them. Our commitment to the environment inside and outside the salon took precedence over all else. Then, we found two environmentally friendly Keratins; S4TEC is a vegan smoother, and now, we are introducing Keratin Complex which is one of the few Keratins that is strong enough and healthy enough for our salons. 

Every strand of your hair tells a story—a narrative of heritage, strength, and individuality. We speak the language of texture. Our expertise lies in deciphering the complex language of textured hair.

Indulge in our S4TEC for a satiny finish. It is a game-changing vegan smoothing treatment that you won't find anywhere else in the area. With S4TEC, you can get better results than other keratin treatments in half the chair time, with no fumes, no dangerous chemicals, no special ventilation, no restrictions, and unlimited styling options. 

We're excited to introduce our latest innovation: the Keratin Express and full Keratin treatments. Caroline Song, a Senior Master Designer at Gordon who has been  leading our launch, says it best: "These Keratins work, and we love these in Lake Shore East."

There are really two categories of the Keratin Complex: The Express version and The Classic group. 

“As we introduce this, I think The Express will be the most popular. It only takes 15 minutes to put on. Can be done the same day as your hair color, locking in not only the shine and the color, but also making hair frizz-free,” says Pam Gordon Senior Master Designer at both Wilmette and Highland Park. 

The Classic group includes the other 100% formaldehyde-free ingredients made by Keratin Complex,” says Alexis Lopez, Gordon Salons Operations Director and Lead Trainer for all these Treatments. “It lasts longer than The Express. It lasts 3 months or longer depending on which one you and your stylist choose.”

Deep Conditioning Services

But what if you're looking for something even more gentle, yet efficient? Something that can be coupled with your routine services to provide that extra smoothness without compromise? Our Organic Texture Treatments (OTT), passionately launched by Pam Gordon, gives you just that: a non-invasive De-frizzer, the ultimate match for deep conditioning infused with smoothing technology.

Gordon Salon is the only salon in Illinois to carry the OTT; it is a light and temporary Conditioner/Smoother. 

One of the reasons why, I love the OTT is the way it is applied. I do think the ingredients are superior and what it does to the hair is great, but the fact that it is blown in and then ironed into the hair like any smoother treatment gives this product the ability to deeply moisturize. For the price and time commitment, it is a great and smart option in these hair categories. 

Bond Builder Deep Conditioning is a new category of conditioning that has allowed for many harsh services to be accomplished without intense damage. These conditioners literally repair the damage done by over-ironing, environmental damage, over-processing, etc. They repair the hair from the inside out. These include our brands K-18, Olaplex, and Aveda Botanical Line

Permanent Waves and Chemical Straightening

Love your locks! If you are blessed with curl, thank your lucky stars, because the curl trend is just as powerful as ever. But things have changed allowing for less damage and more frizz-free locks!

If you don't have curls and you want them, we have various options for you. 

Permanent Waves are the only way to wake up every morning with your loopy, wavy, or coily locks to be how you want them if your hair is not that now. It has to be done chemically. The great thing is that Perms are not what they used to be, they are gentler, they are less frizzy and in addition, the new bond builders can be added to them to strengthen the hair. 

Chemical Straightening Treatments like Japanese Relaxers or a product called Anti-Curl are really nothing more than the same chemistry as permanent waves, although it does the opposite. Both soften the interior portion of the hair called the cortex. It depends on the position of the hair during the softening portion of the hair. Is the hair in a rod, making it curly or flat and straight? Since the introduction of hair Smoothers, like Keratin Treatments, which also tend to straighten hair as it smooths it, these permanent straighteners are being done significantly less often.

Celebration of Texture!

At Gordon Salons, we are in a Celebration of Texture Services. As we launch our new Keratin Complex, we revisit all our amazing services in this special category. If you are interested in one of these services, it is best to do a consultation beforehand. Although S4TEC and the Keratin Complex Express can be done at a moment's notice, the others take special scheduling. All of these require some simple but required home care. 

We invite you to love your texture! 

Tony Gordon 

Gordon Salon

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