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Gordon Salon in Highland Park, Winner of 2023 Salons of the Year: Design Destinations!

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

“Because hair and cosmetics can be such a chemical business, we decided we wanted to go a more environmentally sustainable way and have been doing that for over 24 years now,” said Pam Gordon, Design Director of all Gordon Salons.

Gordon Salon can not only make you look fabulous, but it is good for your health and the environment as well; they now have the hardware to prove it. Gordon Salon Highland Park is thrilled to be amongst the distinguished 2023 Salons of the Year: Design Destinations by SALON TODAY magazine, achieving 3rd runner up globally.

This prestigious award is awarded to salons that demonstrate excellence in design and architecture. They have been selected amongst thousands of salons from across the country.

Called “An Ethereal Utopia” by the magazine, SALON TODAY said “What has become a signature piece for the multi-location salon brand is its green wall….” They also went on to say, “The other organic design element throughout the salon is the bark which adorns a wall near the front desk, wraps a column by the color bar, is retrofitted in the lather lounge and is featured behind the tea bar.”

With their commitment to use and try new things that don’t 'off gas' or damage the environment, Pam and Tony Gordon have made their salons as clean and as healthy as possible. But Pam was quick to point out that she could not have done it alone. “Having tradesmen that were willing to try new things and work with me made a real difference in my growth.”

This award comes in after their third redesign of the space in 15 years. “We cut the space by ⅓ to make offices, but people come in and say it feels bigger and more open,” Pam explains.

When asked what her favorite part of the new design was, Pam had a hard time narrowing it down. “I had to have the waterfall countertop in the color area, but I love the green wall. I also love the glass enclosure around the shampoo area.” She loves the enclosed shampoo area because it is a safe space for clients to relax and be away from the buzz of the salon, while also being a very functional organized work space for the stylists; and she loves the waterfall color bar area as it serves a dual purpose for the salon space to be utilized for other things besides daily salon functions, such as advance educational opportunities as well as for parties and event space.

Owner, Tony Gordon, explained how his team spent serious time planning and constructing the perfect salon space for their clients. “We wanted a place where our guests could come to relax, feel at home, and get exceptional service,” said Tony.

The salon's modern interior design and clean lines are a reflection of its dedication to creating an environment that exudes timeless elegance and sophistication.

With this award, Gordon Salon Highland Park joins an impressive list of salons who are setting a strong example in sustainability and design excellence.

Salon Today Magazine

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