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New Year, New You!

We all know the saying, “New Year, New Me.” Sure, it’s a little cliche, but I am someone who actually loves that saying. A new year is a fresh start in some ways. Some people find it silly people like to commit to something at the beginning of the year: the newfound zest of working out or the appeal of taking more time to relax, but I love them. People often look to the calendar, appointing certain days, months, or even the beginning of the new year to bring in big change, and I couldn’t agree more.

I can tell you one thing I’ve been doing nonstop since the clock changed to 2022: I have never had this amount of big hair transformations than I have this whole year than I have in these past few weeks of January 2022 than I did in all of 2022. Whether it has been all over color changes to major hair chops, I feel like I’ve seen it all. I am one-hundred-percent down with all of this as the “kids” would say, but what is causing all this momentum for change? I have some theories I’d like to share.


1. Covid-19

Yes, the dreaded “c-word”. The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a lot of us to stay indoors, holding onto our strands, going crazy looking at our outgrowth, trying to wait out this crazy storm we’ve all been trying to wait out with no avail. Covid-19 has made us all a little bored, myself included in this. I have nowhere to go, nothing to see and yet I am itching to do something with my personal image - either slicing off more curls or dipping my head in vibrant purple and hoping for the best. (Thank God I know tons of really great stylists at Gordon Salon!)

I think a lot of people are feeling a bit more comfortable now with vaccines and booster shots available and accessible. It’s been a common phrase in my chair the past few months. “I haven’t cut my hair in two years!” Or “This is the first I’ve touched it in a few years.” Or my favorite, “I cut it myself because I couldn’t stand it anymore and I need help.” No problem. We are here at Gordon Salon to help you and your vision of your beautiful locks, your fantasy, if you please!

2. TikTok

This mobile app has really blown up these last few years! Formally known as Musically, Tik-Tok is a place for a lot of people to connect, show off their talents, learn a fact or skill, showcase so many cute animals, and of course strut our personal style to fun and trendy music! Most of the young people in my chair have requested a style, cut, or color that is beyond popular on the app right now. Hair trends never really die and I’ve seen the revival of things I thought were permanently dead (Ex. The Mullet, perms, and the crimper).

Fashion magazines and companies need to move out of the way. TikTok is making, setting, and selling the trends we are seeing in the salon. They decide if blonde is out (which I beg to differ but what do I know), curtain bangs are in, side parts are out, and middle parts are in. Instagram has a ton of pull too. However, I rarely see people telling me about Instagram trends nowadays. TikTok is on fire and I don’t see them fizzling out anytime soon. They are the wave and as a stylist, I’m just riding it.

3. New Year's Resolutions

I said a lot in my opening statements about this, so I will just say a lot of guests in my chair have been waiting for this moment to arrive! The New Year! Waiting for the bright ball to drop and ringing in 2022 is perfect for a fresh start. Now, “new hair” to you could be chopping off three inches instead of one inch or highlighting instead of low lighting. Not every “fresh start” has to be a HUGE transformation. It is how you feel comfortable when it comes to your personal style and your hair.

Decisions, major changes, and transformations are something I am so here for, as a human and as your stylist! However, I always suggest a consultation before jumping headfirst into something. Though I will rarely say no, there is only so much one can do in a few hours in the chair. It’s always a great idea to call the salon before you pick up the kitchen shears and say, “Showtime!”

Have you committed to anything this year? Any fresh starts? Let me know and thank you for reading this post!

Lexa xoxo

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