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What to Expect When Going Dark to Blonde | Phase 1

The Gordon family has spent several years helping guests successfully pull-off their desired color changes. Though, it’s often harder and more time consuming than it looks. Despite what you see on Instagram from celebrities, hair pages, and influencers, taking your hair from jet black to platinum blonde is not something that should ever be done in one day. Walk into any salon as a deep brunette and ask for Kim K’s trendy cool-toned white locks, and you may find the stylist looking at you as if you are growing things out of your head.

The hesitant reaction from your hairdresser is because lightening hair requires the use of oxidizing agents that put your hair in a very vulnerable state. Lightener penetrates into your cuticle, stripping your hair of it’s natural melanin or pigment that creates your hair color. Applying too much of these agents at one time can cause irreversible damage to the hair cuticle, such as dryness, breakage/ over-processing and split ends. The pH of your hair needs time to become stable before you go in to highlight or lift the hair. However, this does not mean the dramatic color change you are desperately wanting is impossible, it just needs to be done over a period of time.

With patience, proper technique, and trust in your stylist, a dramatic change from dark to light can be done seamlessly without causing irreversible damage to your hair. Your experience at Gordon Salon should be the perfect example of how to jump several shades lighter while protecting the quality and integrity of your hair.